Bar Shear

“A Cut Above the Rest”

Beginning in November 2018, Uni-Hydro is putting a 3-year warranty on the four sides of your bar shear blade. New purchases of a Uni-Hydro machine and/or bar shear blade now carries a 3-year warranty on all four sides.

Uni-Hydro has clients stating their bar shear is still cutting as clean as the day it was purchased, even after 10 years in service.  If you have an ironworker that is not a Uni-Hydro machine, you probably have the bar blade sharpened or purchase new ones regularly. 

Just in blade life alone on a single side, not using one of the other three sides to our Uni-Hydro 4 sided bar shear blades, you can save thousands of dollars with a Uni-Hydro bar shear blade.

What activities are required to maintain a non Uni-Hydro bar shear blade?

  • Down time for the machine when you are not able to use it on a job.
  • Removal and replacement of the bar shear blade.
  • Sending a blade out to be sharpened or tackling it yourself with the potential for an uneven edge.
  • Other special tooling required,
  • Replacement parts
  • Potential for wearing out the mounts for a blade by constantly going into and out of this area.

You make the call. Do you want to be held hostage by your ironworker or do you want a worry free, cost saving, Uni-Hydro four sided bar shear blade?

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24 inch Bar Shear Blade s

24 inch shown, also available in 8” and 14”

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